Installing oracle 8i on RHEL 4

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Installing oracle 8i on RHEL 4 

1.    Software requirements:

1) compat-glibc-6.2- – this one has to be installed first
2) compat-libs-6.2-3.i386.rpm
3) compat-egcs-6.2-

4) glibc-2.1.3-stubs.tar.gz

5) jre116_v5.tar.gz  (downloaded from

6) linux_815patches7) i386-glibc-2.1-linux-20001017.tar.bz2 (downloaded from

These packages are found in the Redhat 7.1 cdrom.

2.     login as root

3.     Create and setup the oracle group and oracle account
* We need to create a user oracle, which is used to install the product, as well as starting and stoppping database
# groupadd dba
# groupadd oinstall
# groupadd oracle
# useradd -g dba -G oinstall,oracle -m oracle
* Now change the oracle account password
# passwd oracle
# you will be prompted for the New Password and Confirmation of that password
 4.     Setup the installation location for Oracle (here we use /usr/local/oracle/u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.5 as ORACLE_HOME).
Note: the Oracle install needs about 1 GB free on ORACLE_HOME to install successfully. 

 5.    Create the Oracle Environment file. We will use one central file to store all the environment variables that are needed for users and processes that need them. This eases the administrative overhead and allows a better control in case of errors with the use of these variables.* Add the following lines to /home/oracle/.bash_profile

 export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5

export GCC_EXEC_PREFIX=/usr/i386-glibc21-linux/lib/gcc-lib/

export ORACLE_BASE=/usr/local/oracle/u01/app/oracle

export ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/product/8.1.5export NLS_LANG=’english_united kingdom.we8iso8859p1′

export ORA_NLS33=$ORACLE_HOME/ocommon/nls/admin/dataexport ORACLE_SID=dbase

export ORACLE_TERM=vt100export PATH=$PATH:$ORACLE_HOME/bin

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jre

export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/libumask 022 6.     Set up the oracle user environment

* Log in as the user oracle
* In the same terminal window, type the following
$ su – oracle

 Preinstallation set up

a.    Installing Compat

*$ rpm –i compat-glibc.xx.rpm$ rpm –i compat-libs-xx.rpm$ rpm –I compat-egcs-xx.rpm

b.    Installing jre116_v5.tar.gz

$ tar vxfz jre116_v5.tar.gz$ mv jre116_v5 /usr/loca/jrel

c.     installing i386-glibc-2.1-linux-20001017.tar.bz2

$ bunzip i386-glibc-2.1-linux-20001017.tar.bz2

$ tar –xvf i386-glibc-2.1-linux-20001017.tar$ mv usr/ i386-glibc-2.1-linux /usr

#removing current gcc, cc, and ld to a folder

 $ cd /usr/bin$ mkdir saved

$ mv gcc cc ld saved/

#linking the glibc-2.1 to /usr/bin, and will be used during install

 $ ln –s /usr/ i386-glibc-2.1-linux/bin/ i386-glibc-2.1-linux-gcc gcc

$ ln –s gcc cc$ ln –s /usr/ i386-glibc-2.1-linux/bin/ i386-glibc-2.1-linux-ld ld

#moving library files

 $ cd /usr/lib$ mkdir saved/

$ mv saved/

$ mv libc.a libdl.a libm.a libpthread.a saved/  

8.    Installing oracle 8.1.5.

* Run the installer of Oracle(go to Disk1 directory)
$cd /media/cdrom/install/linux

$ ./
* A window will open that welcomes you to the ‘Oracle Universal Installer’. Click on “Next”* The “File Location”.
* “Source” path should have been prefilled with “(location whether mounted from the CDROM or from the Disk1 directory)/stage/products.jar”

* “destination” path says “/usr/local/oracle/u01/oracle/u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.5”

* if the destination is not correct it is because you environment varibales are not set properly. Make sure you logged on as oracle using su – oracle.

* Click Next
* The “Unix Group Name”
* The Unix Group name needs to be set to “oinstall“.
* Click “Next”
* A popup window appears instantly, requesting you to run a script a root:
* Open a new terminal window, then type
$ su –
# cd /tmp.orainstall
# exit
$ exit

* Click “Retry”

* The “Available Products”
* Select “Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition 8.1.5
* Click “Next”
* The “Installation Types ”
* Select “Typical (837 MB)”
* Click “Next”
* The ” Choose JDK Home Directory”
* Select JDK directory
* The “Database Identification”
* This should be SID.DOMAINNAME
* The “Summary” screen
* Click Install


A progress bar will appear. Before linking YOU SHOULD go to $ORACLE_HOME(logged in as oracle) and run$ su –
Enter root password
# /oracle/u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.5/


After finishing all installation steps. Then apply linux_815patches 

 #Go to $ORACLE_HOME/install/utl and run the script

$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/install/utl

$ ./

 #Do Patching the oracle

$ tar vxfz  linux_815patches.tar.gz

As oracle user run the command:

$ cd linux_815patches

$ ./linux_815patches

 9.    Create database using scripts. 


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