kecelakaan di jalur busway

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Yesterday morning (29/01/08) arround 7: 30 AM as usually I was about going to office.  I normally use the public road, seldom to use busway in front of Tarumanagara University. but yesterday since the traffic was so bad in the early morning, then I choose to use busway with my motorcycle. I have never imagine that my first experience that I hit a girl with my motorcycle and had her arms’ broken.

then I took her to Sumber Waras hospital… arrived there arround 8:00AM. I didn’t see their profesionalism.. I should wait up to 13:pm to see the nurses in order to get the Doctor’s schedule.. and not sure whether the doctor would be able to do operation or not.

I was then taking the girl to the royal taruma hospital which shocking me with the pricing of minimum Rp. 17.000.000  and should pay for 80% first then they will do the operation. I then consulted with the girls’ boyfriend to take initiatives to bring her to Shinshe (Chinese’s medicine)  instead.

then we went to Ciledug to see the shinshe.. and the treatment is quite okay I guess. he did it profesionally. I need to see him again next sunday. hopefully the girl has no more problem..

I don’t know whether this is my karma, her karma, or the relationship between our karma. hopefully everything’s okay.


One thought on “kecelakaan di jalur busway

    Adi said:
    March 21, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    yang sabar bro,…

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