Quit Smoking

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Again.. I’m trying to quit smoking..

2 years ago I’d been succesfull to quit smoking for 1 full month, but.. again I tried the bad habit again after 1 puph only…and it takes me really hard to try quit smoking again…

just now I’ve been afirming myself by imaginating that if I were having a lung cancer and my relatives were crying over my body in a patient bed. I was afirming myself that everyone I love will be very sad and disappointed.

with this affirmation I’ve been 4 days not smoke so intense, I only have 1 cigar each day at night. hopefully I can stop fully. still waiting for the next days, seems I have to strenghten my affirmation.

I realize It’s not the object (cigar) that affect me.. it’s just the way how I change my habit.the way I change my mind…


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