Choice of Life

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I once watched “Matrix” movie, a nice saying I still remember is ” Choice is the illution of causality”.  I accept this saying and accepted.. yes that’s correct.

but after thinking and thinking again.. I think it should be reversed, “Causality is the illution of choice”. so what do you think?

I think we have what so called free will. which means we’re free to decide, take, and or have any choices in our own life, despite we got a lot of influences, from evironment, and or anything. is it correct? despite sometimes yes correct that any other persons can decide for us too.  but let’s look at most example.. if we don’t agree then it can yield to struggling, unobey, not satisfied, etc.. etc..

so I would rather agree that despite we have causality as the cause factor to what come to us now (environment, family, belongness, relationship), but for ongoing things it would depends on our free will, which would result on our next karma (causality), like to whom we’re going to marry, what house to buy, altough some coincidence might occur as what people says as miracle, luck, etc..etc…


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