Creating ODBC Report with SQL 2005 Reporting service

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1. Open Ms. Visual Studio, click newà project




2. Click on the Report Server Project Wizard, and fill in the name & solution name, here I use IBS Contract

3. the report wizard screen as above, click next


4. choose the ODBC connection and edit the connection property as the following odbc connection properties



6. after finish with the connection properties, click next



7. Create your SQL query with the SQL editor, then click next. Please note that progress DB need double quote (“) for its field.

8. after clickin next you can chosee to have tabular display.


9. choose the fields you want to group by and fields information need to be displayed


10. choose the table layout


11.choose the table style


12. deploy location of the report (this is the address of your reporting server)


13. finish to ready deploying the projects


14. here’s the edit mode, you just need to deploy the project or change anything you need to change, for instance: parameter, variable, or any calculation on the report.


15. after deploying successfully you can browse through http://<servername>/reports for the report you just deployed.



16. here’s the example of report from IBS we just created,  Contract report group by employee forename, without any parameters/ variable for calculation.


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