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Currently a lot of companies are very entusiasm with the business intelligent implementation to support their growth & competitive advantages, as in the market there have been a lot of business intelligent as well from the open source (pentaho, jasper).

Indeed the product of BIs are very expensive, if you have no budget, I think you might want to try the open source one, yes It’s free, I once tried Pentaho & jasper.. they’re really good. if you prefer to have reporting service only I think both are very good, but for the BI I think quite complex and if your need is just to have KPI in your BI then I think they works.. but please.. I think. you need Linuxers since those BIs are really hard to work with.

Commercial BIs offer more features (Cognos, performance point, procarity,etc), yeah it worth the investment. like performance point you might need to invest at least USD 20,000 for the Platform only if I were not mistaken. but it offers quite a lot of features compared to those open source one, like the stastical approach (Moving average, time series analysis, etc etc), integration with excel, trend (eq: your demand trend is increasing or decreasing).

And off course it’s much more flexible and user friendly for your finance, HR, warehouse, Marketing to utilise the BI. 

But indeed the succesfull implementation of BI will also depend on your people. it’s really not just a show up of technology I guess. 


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