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I once took a scholarship provided by japanese government, yeah unfortunately I failed with the exams. perhaps this writing could be worthful to those who wants to take free scholarships.

I know there’re a lot of scholarships provided by government (japanese, australia, US, New zealand, Germany,etc) or those private institutions (Sampoerna, Djarum, etc). I think with current internet technology you can  just surf the web to get the information.

I was taking the monbusho scholarship provided by Japanese government in 1999, 1 year after my 1st year being an university student, so quite late actually i got the information, so i need to reopen and relearn the high school subjects again (Physics, chemistry, mathematics, biologist).

so.. the selection firstly begun with your NEM (Nilai Ebtanas Murni) at that time, I don’t know about today. I think you’d better check with the embassy, If I were not mistaken it’s exactly in front of Hotel Sari pan Pacific. well.. at that time the 1st selection that your NEM should be score 7.8 at average (quite high huh)… as I remembered at that time there were more than 600 applicants and I with my brother is the only two from Jambi.. yeah at that time the information is so restricted. I think most of them are from Java..

luckily I passed the 1st elimination projects. the 2nd selection is from the examination held by the Japan embassy, and it took only 15 person of  less than 100 participants. very though competition rite? I do not really upset.. at least I’ve tried my best. so happy hunting your scholarship


2 thoughts on “Scholarship

    wanderer7 said:
    March 26, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    my best experience of uni was when I wss funded. Working part time is too hard; leaves you tired and struggling.

    you are lucky!

    Jai said:
    May 16, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    do you know how to get scholarship??..what are the about the exam…you’d help me,would ‘ya?

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