Living in Apartement

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I have just moved to apartement for two months..In fact it’s not as pretty as I though. hum… very tiring… now I should take care of my clothes, I should face all those dust in houses, etc etc.. take care of those housewife’s jobs..well I’m now independent lol..

I missed those moments when I just can throw my dirty clothes and someone will prepare it for me, whenever I left my house and got back it’s been clean.. then I have much more spare time to read, watch or just do anything I want. I can spent my holiday to go anywhere i want…

what comes to my mind lately it’s just about getting married. will it be so misereable or event worse than now.. that we should do cleaning services, taking care of babies, planning for our descendants, and all aims for better living, and event should prepare my self for conflict of interest. so what is so good about getting married? aiyaa thao thiaaaa.. :p~~.. It seems worse than living in apartment, doesn’t it?


One thought on “Living in Apartement

    Piso said:
    October 9, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    everything will be fine 🙂

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