Online collaboration

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One of IT initiatives those are proved to be very good on providing efficiency is those called online collaboration. what is good brought by online collaboration. the main focus on it is people empowerment, responsiveness, present awareness, etc.

There’re many range of products those offer online collaboration, from commercial ones, like IBM (Lotus Domino everyplace, sametime, websphere), Microsoft (Sharepoint, Microsoft Live communication) and many more commercial ones. even we can also have open source products those provide the online collaboration capabilities. Those are great products of Lotus & Microsoft, smoothly integrated one another.

Of course if your concern is  about cost / investment, I guess open source could be the answer to your initiatives for online collaboration. I have tried joomla as portal, asterisk as VOIP, and jabber as instant messaging, Dimdim as webcast, indeed the configurations are quite complex if compared with those commercial ones. let’s say you want to have single sign on through all of these initiatives (portal, IM, VOIP, webcast), perhaps it would takes quite some times for you especially if you’re not familiar with Linux to implement, furthermore to have LDAP/ active directory authentication throughout all of these initiatives.


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