Add additional SCSI to your Raid

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Perhaps this information could be valuable to those who’re about to do online RAID modification. I have searched the internet but i haven’t find adequate information yet.

My problem was.. I would like to add another scsi storage to my existing raid configuration. I had raid 5 with 3X 146 GB and would like to add another 146 GB. this steps describe the step:

  1.  find out FRU number in your existing storage as per FRU number is needed so that you can be sure the bracket match the slot.
  2. use IBM server Raid Manager (as I use IBM server, nv tried with DELL). you need to migrate your current raid 5 to raid 0, by right click on the array (Raid 5),  then choose migrating raid 5 to 0.
  3. after the migraiton done succesfully (it would takes quite long, my experiences it takes 7 days to complete, so it’s up to you whether you want to do online or manual build of the raid), then you can see another options as you can extend the logical size by right clicking on the new array.
  4. then after succesfully with size expantion, you need to migrating to raid 5 again.

tat’s awl.. but there’s no guarantee you won’t loss your data, so just be careful, especially when you got eletricity problem. these steps are not recommended.



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    Kathy said:
    May 16, 2008 at 3:10 pm

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