Trip to Singapore

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Just having to singapore. this is my first time came to Singapore on a business trip..

I have an enjoable stay there.. everything are well managed, this is a nice place to work I guess, except the food.. during my trip I think the most delicious one is Popeye fried chicken I ate at Changi, no other foods is well cooked I think, I don’t know since I only have 4 days there..

The people are very nice.. the rules & everything are very well managed. the environment is safe, convenience as long as you have enough money I guess. the culture, well I don’t know how to say. since I live in a eastern tradition, but I guess they’re much more likely western people, with the clothes, the behaviour, languages, etc..etc..

I do not have any indicator for their stress level so that I can not describe.. but seems to me must be higher than Indonesia. they’re really motivated to work..really productive country, even I saw a lot of old man still working, just wonder, what is the aim they work for..

so in brief.. Singapore is a nice place to work I guess, but not to relax.. I still think


One thought on “Trip to Singapore

    oyster cove said:
    March 10, 2009 at 10:38 am

    strongly agree, singaporean work hard and spend their playing times in Malaysia and Pulau Batam, Indonesia.
    They are lucky because of their HIGH value currency that make them so affordable. Not becuase of their contributions. You can find many uneducated singaporeans if you go the morning markets.

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