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There’re some situation where our body are with our beloved ones, but we lose appreciation to the togeherness.

All the truth seeker, those well known as GOD seeker, searching for happiness from the truth, reading for truth in books, searching in sacred places, thinking about it in their mind,debating it without realizing the true nature of truth. is it the real truth they got? or just an ego consumption?

Our mind has been traveling anywhere at anytime, started from unknown era to countless time.. this is so exhausted.

This is the reason that we need to rest our mind, Stop it from traveling.. just be here at present moment, realizing all phenomena inside and outside our conciousness.

Happiness is not there, it’s not merely in those mountainous & beautiful places, it’s not in the past, nor in the future, but it’s here & now. it’s so real..as real as when we realize it.

Being mindfull & be happy


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