Cleanse your Sinus

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Do you have issue with your rainy nose? and in certain people it tends to happen like almost all the time that you have the all of those liquid being trapped in your nose in your normal days? and that is

i had a very bad experience when it come to a chronic infection on your sinus in which it impacted your ability to hear. i had my ears got blocked and was panicked, i came to doctor but the antibiotic was given and didn't solve the issue.

it last for more than 1 week, can you imagine when you are driving and you could hardly hear any sounds? dangerous isn;t it? luckily one day i found an article about sinus cleansing method in order to reduce the inflammation, so i said to myself it seems that something worth trying.

It's just a simple method by pouring a hygiene salt water /saline water using NetiPot  through one of your nose's hole and let it flow through your other nose or mouth. the first time i tried it helps the mucus out and the sinus blocking to the ears seemed reducing, so i give it a try for few days, and within 3-4 days my ears back to normal.

Picture 1. Travelers' Neti Pot

But if you are unsure about the ingredients and/or not sure on the impact of the hygiene salt water. i think you can find it easily now. also the instruments like netipot in order to pour the water, there's also Traveller's Neti Pot as shown in above picture which you can bring anywhere.

the easiest way is to get  DrNatural Healing Nasal & Sinus Rinse Starter Kit with 50 Premium Mixed Packs as it comes with the container which is easy to use (you don;t have to bend your head like using Netipot), and the package is easy to use with standard formula.

If you have more money,you can also use SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation Systemas it offers more comfort to you.

it is said that regular do of the nasal irrigation should be very helpful to reduce allergy & sinus infection,


One thought on “Cleanse your Sinus

    Toni B said:
    August 11, 2015 at 7:41 am

    having experienced sinusitis was horrible, check this out as it helped me clear it for good

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